How to Donate

Voucher Redemption

Redeem Your Voucher

NOTE: You must have a valid donation to qualify to receive a voucher.

Our Blood Institute has partnered with attractions across Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas to reward the generous blood donors who give the gift of life!

When you donate blood, plasma or platelets at select drives and donor centers, you'll receive a voucher for a free ticket to an attraction in your area. And OBI is excited to introduce an all-new voucher redemption system, which makes it easier and quicker for blood donors to redeem those rewards!

Here's How To Redeem Your OBI Voucher

  1. Click this link or the button below to be taken to our NEW voucher redemption site.
  2. Select your state from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the email address you'd like your ticket to be sent to, as well as your OBI Donor ID.
    Note: If you don't know your donor ID, click "Forgot Your Donor ID?" and follow the on-screen prompts. First-time donors may need to wait up to 24 hours for their Donor ID to be generated in our system.
  4. You'll see all of the admission offers available for donors in your area. Select the attraction you'd like to visit.
    Note: You must have a valid donation during the listed "Donation Range" to be eligible to receive a voucher for that attraction.
  5. Submit your request. You'll receive a confirmation email letting you know we're working on verifying your donation, as well as a link to track your request!
  6. Once your donation is verified, we'll email the voucher to you. This typically takes less than 24 hours, so keep checking your inbox.
    Note: If you don't see it, please check your spam or junk folders.
  7. Your voucher is your ticket to that attraction! It tells you the specific time frame when you can use this voucher at one of our partner's locations. Make sure to check the dates on your voucher to enjoy its benefits within this "Redemption" period!

It may take up to 24 hours for your donation to be entered into our system. Your donation must be registered in our system before your voucher can be redeemed.

Redeem Your Voucher

Need Help Redeeming Your OBI Voucher?

Our voucher redemption site contains a helpful how-to guide. Just click "Need Help?" and a walkthrough will appear on screen.

If still you need help redeeming or retrieving your voucher, please call us at 877-340-8777 or email!